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Insureyourpub.com is a professional and proficient broking service which provides cover for various types of businesses. All packages provided by us are reliable, cost effective and expedient. We have well defined operations and an experience of 20 years that allows us to cater to you more efficiently. Getting a quote or inquiring about our packages is very easy. And with our top class services, you will be able to focus on your business better. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with us.
Save Effort with Insurance
Insurance services are dependable and come to your aid when times are not good. Things can go wrong anytime when you are running a business. There can be accidents or theft. Disturbances and untoward occurrences like quakes, floods, riots and other social unrests can arise anytime. Moreover, you can lose your operation license or even go out of business for a while. Insurance saves your back and provides the required monetary assistance in times of need. This allows you to forget about all misgivings and concerns. As a result, you are able to concentrate on your business and run things smoothly.
Excellent Services                                           
All services and insurance packages provided by us are feasible, utilitarian and practical. You will get a low cost quote instantly from us. All our operations are fully regulated. Moreover, the counsel we give is independent and accompanied by quotes for your business needs. Apart from the excellent services, you can be assured of top class packages from us. This is because we associate with the best companies in the UK to provide insurance packages to you. Some of the companies we have linked up with are a Brit, Aviva, Aegas and AXA.
Types of Insurance
We provide insurance for various types of businesses. Our pub, bar and club insurance is well known. All our public house insurance covers include services such as employers as well as public liability cover and even provide monetary compensation in case of loss or theft. Standard income is covered by us and we also bail out in case of a loss of drinks license. There will also be a clause about theft of money in the package, which is a common occurrence in such businesses. We also have insurance covers for social clubs and working men’s club along with casinos. Additionally, packages for labor, conservative and liberal clubs are also available. Moreover, our service different sport clubs such as rugby, tennis, snooker, cricket, etc.
Availing Quotes
You can request for a quote before buying a package. But, quotes from us are the best as we have a record of beating 9 of out every 10 quotes. You can even request quotes online, which will be delivered to you instantly. In addition, we will also compare quotes with other well known insurance providers in the UK. Hence, we always put together packages for customers keeping competitive pricing in mind. Just fill in your name and postcode in an online form to get a standard quote from us. 

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